The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards' audience got the surprise of their lives when the cast of "Schitt's Creek" reunited on stage to announce the award for best writing in a comedy series and outstanding directing for a comedy series. 

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Their hilarious skit onstage reminiscent of the quirky and dysfunctional TV family fans have come to adore for six seasons, reports usatoday.

"Thank you so much, but there's nothing on the prompter," Dan Levy said, taking the stage with his castmates, who played the fictional Rose family including son David, daughter Alexis, mother Moira and father Johnny.

"Is there like a tech guy or something?" Annie Murphy answered.

"Maybe we should just open the envelope," an impatient Catherine O'Hara suggested before Levy shut it down: "I don't think we should just open the envelope."

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The hilarious on-screen family stood around awkwardly waiting for their cue, before Levy and his real-life father Eugene Levy argued over whether it was all a plan to "purposelyembarrass us" on national television. Turns out, the elder Levy sheepishly admitted to asking the writer's room to "lift the dialogue."

"You casually told a room of comedy writers to 'lift' your dialogue?" his son asked incredulously.

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Social media users were equally excited over the cast reunion and also celebrated the "anniversary (of) the most iconic sweep."

"A Schitt’s Creek family reunion should happen every single week #Emmys" wrote on Twitter user.

Another user added: "not surprised the Schitt's Creek cast has the best bit at the #Emmys."

"The cast of Schitt's Creek reminding us why they all won #Emmys last year," wrote a Twitter user.

The sitcom was overlooked for most of its run by the Television Academy but at last year's Emmys, the  series won all seven comedy awards. 

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This year, the Levy's, Murphy and O'Hara passed the torch down when awarding "Hacks" the best writing in comedy series honor and for outstanding directing for a comedy series.