Looks like its the season of bizarre and viral Zoom call videos. After the 'Shweta mic band kar' video, another Zoom call has gone viral and has been viewed over half a million times on Twitter. In the video, a man is seen having a discussion about the GDP when all of a sudden his wife enters the room and bends over to kiss him. 

The husband immediately reacts and points to the call. He can also be heard saying to his wife, "What nonsense are you doing?" While many viewers commented that the husband's reactions was justified, there were others as well who thought he should have reacted differently then being angry. 

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Chairman of RPG Enterprises conglomerate Harsh Goenka and Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra also reacted to the video. The couple's video got more attention after it was shared by Harsh Goenka. He tweeted, "Zoom call .....so funny."

Anand Mahindra retweeted and wrote, ''Haha. I nominate the lady as the Wife of the Year. And if the husband had been more indulgent and flattered, I would have nominated them for Couple of the Year but he forfeited that because of his grouchiness!"

Netzines never leave a chance to comment on such viral videos. Here's how Twitter reacted:

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The video also reminded people of Dr KK Agrawal video, in which his wife was seen scolding him for getting vaccinated without her.