12.32.00 pm: Yaaaay!! Friends reunion is starting. Nobody will talk, not even whispers, phones off please...

12.32.20 pm: Why is it not starting? Don't they know it's time? What are they doing?

12.33 pm: What's wrong with them... why do they give the time, if they can stick to it... refresh, refresh, refresh

12.33.30 pm: Grrr...I am going to write a complaint mail to HBO, they cannot do this? Kya ho raha hai. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh

12.34 pm: Ohhhh.... finally. Quiet everyone. Shhhh...

The two-minute delay in the airing of the hugely popular American sitcom 'Friends: The reunion' almost brought the house down and the poor buttons on the TV remote control didn't know what hit them. Those longest two minutes saw my teenage daughter going from ecstasy to agony to calmness and the helpless remote go Refresh, Refresh, Refresh at least 50 times. All for the show that was done and dusted before she was born.

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So, the reunion of the century, after 17 years, meant curfew in at least one room of the house and the vicinity. "This is a once in a lifetime show... repeats are not as good," I was told. Even a sigh cannot be missed. "Are we allowed to blink?" I wanted to ask, but speaking was not an option.

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And coolly slipping into the flow was no issue at all for her. How could it have been when one has watched each episode of all ten seasons at least 5 times. And to make sure that one does not mix up anything -- not even the colour of the chick and the duckling in the last episode of the last season -- she repeat-watched it just last night to 'refresh her memory'. That there was no memory to refresh is another matter. She did not have to wait for the dialogues to be delivered, she said them even before the actors opened their mouths.

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At 12.34 pm on Thursday, finally, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry walked out one by one, walking around the sets of the iconic show of the 90s, hugging each other, pulling out tissues and sniffling. The 15-year-old watched in rapt attention, mesmerized and misty-eyed.

I knew it was time to leave the room.