Amid curiousness surrounding upcoming exhibitions of Hunter Biden's artwork, the White House on Friday assured that necessary precautions would be taken to assure there are unethical proceedings during the sale of artworks by President Joe Biden's son.

Over the years, Hunter Biden's personal life and professional career have been peppered with controversy.

Evidently, ahead of the scheduled exhibitions in New York's Georges Berges Gallery, reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the same. She said the president's son would be "attending gallery events."

But the discussions about sales "will be happening with the gallerist" and not Hunter Biden, she said.

"That is different than meeting with prospective buyers."

On July 9, Psaki had announced that a system had been established allowing Hunter Biden to practice his profession "within appropriate safeguards," including the confidentiality of any transactions and no contact with buyers.

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However, the US media has pointed out the obvious risks of businessmen or others purchasing the artwork with the sole aim of winning access to or influence with the White House.

At exhibits of Hunter's work, "the selling of his art will all happen through the gallerist and the names and individuals will be kept confidential," Psaki further said.

Stressing that a strict rules structure will be in place, Psaki assured that buyers can't simply tell the artist if he or she is purchasing their work.

"He will not know, we will not know who purchases his art," she said.

Joe Biden, after coming into power or even after announcing his candidature for the US presidency, has been repeatedly questioned about the artistic career of his son, a lawyer and businessman-turned-painter.

Although the 51-year-old has had no formal training, press reports suggest his paintings could sell for up to half a million dollars.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Hunter Biden was one of former president Donald Trump's favourite targets.

Trump and his supporters regularly criticised Hunter Biden for his economic interests in Ukraine and China when his father was vice president under Barack Obama.

Hunter is also the target of a federal investigation into possible tax crimes.

In a memoir published earlier this year, the president's youngest son recounted his struggle with addiction to cocaine and alcohol.