Actor Bhumi Pednekar is a climate warrior, too, and on the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, she urges humans to be sensitive towards nature and address climate change.

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“We’ve reached a brink where we’ve pushed our planet to a point where things have gotten out of control. If you see what’s happening around — the flash floods in Germany, parts of Maharashtra and China — it’s all bad. There are forest fires in the US, there’s heat wave in Canada.

"Now it’s important for us to understand that we’ve pushed it beyond our control and if we don’t set things right, and then it is not going to be good for future generations to come,” Pednekar told Hindustan Times.

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The 32-year-old says it’s rather unfair to all children and young adults to not have the kind of life that she and others have had like “not having the freedom to breathe clean air and drink clean water and enjoy nature the way we did.”

 “Today is the day about realising that what we’ve left is best and we need to hold it tight and protect it and regenerate more. That’s our duty towards our future generations….We, humans, in general are so selfish. We often forget that we can’t keep abusing nature and our resources,” she said.

The ‘Pati Patni Aur Who’ actor says that there are many challenges that she faces, especially about education people on the seriousness of conservation of nature.

“The most difficult thing is when you go and tell people about it and they’re like, ‘Oh climate change isn’t real, and it’s all made up.’ My response to such people is that they’re so comfortable in the lies they’re living that they don’t want to face the truth. They don’t want a life of inconvenience,” she said.

World Nature Conservation Day  is celebrated to conserve the animals and trees that are on the verge of going extinct from the natural environment of the Earth.