Menthol cigarettes can be seen as normal tobacco cigarettes with menthol added at several stages during the manufacturing process for flavour. This menthol is derived from distilled corn mint oil or produced synthetically. 

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According to the FDA, a menthol cigarette typically has at least 0.3% menthol content by weight. Lower-tar menthol cigarettes may have menthol levels up to 2%, in order to keep menthol delivery constant despite the filtration and ventilation designs used to reduce tar.

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Menthol was first added to cigarettes in the 1920s. The tobacco industry advertised menthol cigarettes as cool and refreshing. 

However, US  President Joe Biden-led administration is expected to confirm a proposal on banning menthol cigarettes this week. The administration is also expected to announce proposals to ban menthol and other flavours in cigars, including small cigars which are very popular with young people, The Washington Post reported quoting officials familiar with the developments.

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