The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will start on July 23 and will last till August 8. This time, the Summer Games will see six new sports that were not introduced in Rio. Out of the six new sports, four new disciplines are ready for their debut. Apart from their debuts, the two disciplines will be revamped and the addition of the mixed team events was also made.

Baseball and softball, surfing, skateboarding, karate and sports climbing will become part of the Olympic roster in Tokyo.

A record 339 medal events will be seen in Tokyo as the International Olympic Committee predicted that 1,901 athletes will take part.

Here is a closer look at the five new sports.


The traditional martial arts of Japan, Karate, will make its Olympics debut in Tokyo. The sport was included in the roster because of its rich history and popularity in the country.

However, it will not feature in the Paris edition of the Games.

In Tokyo, it will be played in two disciplines - Kata and Kumite. In Kata, athletes will be required to demonstrate their techniques and in Kumite, results will be based on head-to-head fights.

Baseball / Softball

Baseball made its first appearance in 1904 in St Louis and softball in 1996. Both were removed in 2008 due to the rising number of competitors.

However, it is set to make a comeback in the Tokyo edition of the Games. Softball, on the other hand, will make a one-off return for the Tokyo Olympics. While baseball will be competed among men, softball is a women’s only event.


Skateboarding is all set for the Olympics debut in Japan. It will also be a part of the 2024 Paris Olympics. In Tokyo, medals will be on offer for two disciplines of skateboarding – park and street.

In park, skaters will be allowed to showcase their skills and in street, competitors will have to overcome obstacles like stairs, rails, etc.


Surfing will also make its Olympic debut and will also feature in the 2024 Paris Games. It will be held in both men’s and women’s categories. The events will be held at the Tsurigasaki Beach in Ichinomiya.

The competitors will be judged on their commitment and degree of difficulty, innovations, maneuvers, flow, speed and power

Sports climbing

Sports climbing was recognised in the 1980s and will be inducted in the Olympics for the first time in Tokyo. The event will be held at Tokyo’s Aomi Urban Sports Park. All three disciplines of the sport - speed, bouldering and lead will be combined to ascertain the winner.

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Cycling – BMX Freestyle

Trick cycling is also coming to the Olympics with BMX Freestyle joining BMX Racing. In the new format, riders will have 60 seconds to perform acrobatics on obstacles and will be judged on difficulty and originality.

Basketball: 3X3

In 3x3 format, basketball will be played on streets in Tokyo. The game will end will one team reaches 21 points or after 10 minutes.

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Mixed team

Several traditional sports are including genders in which both men and women compete. Swimming, athletics and triathlon are adding mixed relays.

There will also be mixed pairing in air pistol, air rifle and trap shooting, archery, and table tennis. Whereas, Judo will have a team event from eight different weight classes.