Lent is a 40-day period which comes before Easter, purely a time for fasting and rumination. This year Lent will start from February 17 and finish on April 3. It is a season of preparation and remembrance before the Easter celebrations.

Lent is a replica of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and his exile into the desert for 40 days. It is mainly practiced by fasting and bounds on celebrations. While, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death. Lent mainly recalls the unfortunate events leading up to it.

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Lent days are used as a time for forgiveness and prayers by the Christian churches. These days people make sacrifices in the form of quitting smoking and any bad habits as a reflection of Christ’s deprivation in the wasteland and a test of self-control.

Purple colour is used for drapes and altars during the Lent season and it has a significance, it is a colour of suffering and crucification. It also reflects royalty and Christian resurrection. 

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