The Equality Act is considered to be one of the most promising legislation in the US which is working towards stopping discrimination on the basis of identity, sexual orientation and gender.

The act is currently in the legislative pipeline of the US and soon could be transformed into law after the approval of Congress, followed by US President Joe Biden.

The highly celebrated 1964 Civil Rights Act, which encompasses federal civil rights laws of the country, will be amended through the act. This would further expand the protection of the LGBTQ community in America, reported USA Today.

The legislation, if passed, could also impact the curriculums that are currently in place in American classrooms. This means that the content being delivered to students in the country could be reviewed and given an LGBTQ-inclusive edge, according to reports from USA Today.

The bill has already cleared the primary stage of the legislative pipeline. This means that the US House of Representatives gave a nod to the bill earlier this year in February. It garnered a tally of 224-206 with just three members of the Republican party crossing partisan lines to vote for the bill.

A similar legislation was proposed in the House in 2019. However, the US Senate was dominated by the members of the GOP back then, which resulted in the bill being stopped on its track.