KBC Offline Quiz (August 26, 2021): What is the name of the state flower of Himachal Pradesh?

- Wild Primula 

- Dog Violet

- Pink Rhododendron

- Butterfly Bush

Answer: Pink Rhododendron

In 2007, Rhododendron was designated as state flower of Himachal Pradesh. The flower is a very large genus of 1,024 species of woody plants in the heath family, which is either evergreen or deciduous. The flower is mainly found in Asia and is grown in lowland and montane forests in the Pacific Northwest, California, the Northeastern United States. It is also the national flower of Nepal. Washington and West Virginia in the United States have declared it as their state flower. It is also provincial flower of China's Jiangxi. In India, the states of Sikkim and Uttarakhand have designated it as their state tree. Most species have brightly coloured flowers that bloom from late winter through to early summer.

Rhododendron has two two subgenera that include Azaleas. The only difference between Azaleas and "true" rhododendrons is that they have only five anthers per flower.

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