KBC Offline Quiz (August 30, 2021): What is the state animal of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Lion

B. Tiger

C. Snow Leopard

D. Cheetah

Answer: Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is a felid (a family of mammals referred to as cats) in the genus Panthera native to the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia. The species is listed as vulnerable on the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, with an estimated global population of less than 10,000 adults.

Its population is further expected to further decline by 10% by the year 2040, as poaching and habitat destruction continue to threaten its existence.

It is the state animal of Himachal Pradesh and the state’s Forest Department has joined hands with the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), Mysore, in assisting the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in developing ‘Project Snow Leopard’.

The agencies have collaborated to generate scientific knowledge in the Spiti Valley, one of the most important snow leopard landscapes.

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