Surfing the Reddit pool is the image of the ‘Biggest Pizza’ one can order in the US. Alongside it lies a man who is at least two feet shorter in height in comparison to the pizza. The image was uploaded only 17 hours ago and has already garnered over 49k upvotes with users flooding the post with hilarious comments.

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“Seems a bit redundant to mention the US in the title, I mean what other country would make this other than the US?” comments one on the insane dietary habits of Americans.

Another speculates the size of the oven used to make the gigantic pizza. “Imagine the oven to make that thing” reads the comment.


“Why we are so obese in the USA?” says one. Mentioning the famous ASMR YouTuber one says, “Nikocado Avocado having a little snack”.

One user who identified the pizza mentions where one could get their hands on this pizza, "Hey! This is from Moontower down the street from me! Their Pizza is pretty damn good and this picture does not do it very much justice. I've seen people order and pick these up, they hardly fit in the back of a truck”.

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