Actor Priyanka Chopra, who will be next seen sharing screen space with Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix: Resurrection', is also Miss World 2000.  In  one of the throwback videos from her Miss India event, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen asking an interesting question to the actress, which she tackled quite smartly.

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In 2000, Priyanka Chopra participated in the Miss India contest along with Lara Dutta and Dia Mirza. While Lara won the beauty pageant, Priyanka and Dia came second and third, respectively.

During one of the final rounds, the contestants were asked hypothetical questions by a panel of judges. And Shah Rukh Khan was one among the judges. He got the opportunity to ask Priyanka a question. The actor gave Priyanka the choice to marry either a sportsman, a wealthy businessman or a Bollywood actor such as himself. 

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Shah Rukh Khan said, "I am as nervous as you are, I go meek in the presence of beauty. Hypothetically, if you were to marry one of the following, who will it be? An Indian sportsman, like Azhar Bhai (referring to cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin), who would take you all around the world, make your country proud and make you swell with pride.

"Or an artistic businessman with a difficult name to pronounce like Swarovski, who would bedeck you with jewels and fine necklaces and you would never have to buy a chandelier for your house ever again. Or a Hindi film star like me, who has nothing better to do than to give you a complicated multiple-choice question about a hypothetical wedding like this. And before you answer, let me tell you, whatever your answer is, none of it will prejudice my marks for you. I am sure Azhar Bhai and Swarovski won’t mind."

Cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin were also part of the panel.