KBC Offline Quiz (August 26, 2021): Where is Keoladeo National Park located in India?

- Rajasthan 

- Punjab

- Karnataka 

- Odisha

Answer: Rajasthan 

Located in Rajasthan, India, the Keoladeo National Park is a wintering ground of Palaearctic migratory waterfowl and is renowned for its large congregation of non-migratory resident breeding birds. The park hosts approximately 375 bird species and a diverse array of other life forms. The park’s well-designed system of dykes and sluices provides areas of varying water depths which are used by various avifaunal species. The park was a duck-hunting reserve of the Maharajas. 

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The Keoladeo National Park is the only park in India that is completely enclosed by a 2 m high boundary wall that minimises the possibilities of any encroachment and biotic disturbances, but there is no possibility of a buffer zone. he water shortage caused by the erratic rainfall in the region is being addressed by initiating two large water resources projects that will bring water from permanent water sources in the region.

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