KBC Offline Quiz (August 30, 2021): Which of the following is the extreme east point of India?

a. Kibithu

b. Cape Camorin

c. Indira Col

d. Ghuar Moti

Answer: Kibithu

Kibithu is India's easternmost inhabitat place which stands on the Line Of Control. It is uniquely located on the trijunction, with China to the north and Myanmar to the east. This small village in the Arunachal Pradesh’s Anjaw district, is located on the last road head of extreme northeast of north eastern India and the very place that the Lohit river enters India.

Lohit river is a tributary to the Brahmaputra River which rises in Tibet Autonomous Region, in the Kangri Garpo range, where it is known as the Zayü River. Kibithu is one of the places which forms the Indo China border and has always been a place of great importance.

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