KBC Offline Quiz, August 26, 2021: Which was the first country to declare climate emergency?

The options are: 

- The United Kingdom

- New Zealand

- Russia 

- Japan

Answer: The United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom was the first country to declare a climate change emergency. Several scientists and global bodies have now said that global warming is happening at a rapid pace and that drastic measures need to be taken to address the issue. 

The United Nations recently said issued a 'code red for humanity'. In a report, it stated that the Earth is getting so hot that temperatures in about a decade will probably blow past a level of warming that world leaders have sought to prevent.

The 3,000-plus-page report from 234 scientists said warming is already accelerating sea level rise and worsening extremes such as heat waves, droughts, floods and storms. Tropical cyclones are getting stronger and wetter, while Arctic sea ice is dwindling in the summer and permafrost is thawing. All of these trends will get worse, the report said.

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