KBC Offline Quiz, August 26, 2021: Who founded the popular car maker Toyota?

The options are:

- Shoichiro Toyoda

- Hatako Toyoda

- Kiichido Toyoda

- Tatsuro Toyoda.

The answer is: Kiichiro Toyota.

The carmaker Toyota was founded by the Japanese businessman Kiichido Toyoda. Kiichido's father, Sakichi Toyoda owned a Loom works company. Kiichido decided to change the company's focus from loom manufacturing to manufacturing of automobiles. This company, which was known as Toyoda Loom Works, later went on to become Toyota Motors. 

During the first and second World War, Toyota faced several challenges as several restrictions had been imposed on the Japanese auto industry. Toyota had to completely stop the production of passenger cars in order to manufacture more military trucks.

Toyota is today the world's biggest automaker. The company was a major sponsor at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. Around 60 Japanese companies had ploughed a record $3.3 billion into Tokyo 2020. Out of this, Toyota alone accounted for $500 million of this. 

But their hopes of a marketing bonanza were tempered by the spectator ban imposed to check the spread of COVID-19. The company, though, still got global exposure from international broadcasters.

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