Tariq Allah Nasheed is an American film producer and social media commentator. He is also known as Tariq Elite, King Flex and K-Flex. 

As a filmmaker, Nasheed produced and directed the Hidden Colours series. The five documentary films were his attempt to explain and describe the marginalizing of people of African descent in America and the world. He also is a lead singer of the R&B musical group Mink Slide.

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Tariq Nasheed was slammed on the internet when he referred to black women who date interracially as "bed wenches", a term used to disparage black women who were raped by their masters during slavery. However, Nasheed explained that in his conception of the term a bed wench is a black women who challenges the institutions of black patriarchy.

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Nasheed was criticized on Twitter on Wednesday when he made a holiday Inn employee's meltdown look like a race issue. 

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