Tommy Dorfman, an American actor, better known for portraying the role of Ryan Shaver in '13 Reasons Why', on Thursday, identified herself as a trans woman. "For a year now, I have been privately identifying and living as a woman — a trans woman," she said.

"Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy," the actor added.

Tommy, born on May 13, 1992, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, to a Jewish Family. He graduated from Fordham University in 2015 with a BA degree in theatre arts. Since his '13 Reasons Why' stint, she has worked in televsion, films, short films and theatre. In Spring 2019, she made her New York theatrical debut in The New Group's production of Jeremy O. Harris' play Daddy, directed by Danya Taymor.

She has also appeared in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and Fendi. After the release of '13 Reasons Why' in 2017, she helped design a fashion collection with ASOS, and, in October, was honored with the Rising Star Award by GLAAD.

Tommy announced his engagement to Peter Zurkuhlen in April 2015 and got married in Portland, Maine, on November 12, 2016. In November 2017, she had come out as non-binary.

Reportedly, she is a a cousin of The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman and had dated Violet Chachki in high school.

Below are her filmographies:

Foreign Exchange (2009)

In My Skin (2013)

i-Witness (2016)

13 Reasons Why (2017-18 & 2020)

Jane the Virgin (2019)

American Princess (2019)

Fluidity (2019)

Insatiable (2019)

Love, Victor (2020)

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2020)

Love in the Time of Corona (2020)

Tommy has been documenting her changes in style and appearance for several months on Instagram. In a statement, released on Thursday, she said that she felt the need to publicly address her gender identity. This was done in order to maintain control of her own narrative.

Tommy, 29, said that she will not change her name as it was given in honour of her mother's brother who died shortly after she was born. "I feel very connected to that name, to an uncle who held me as he was dying. This is an evolution of Tommy. I'm becoming more Tommy," she wrote in a post.

"I love my name, I want to keep my name and give new life to my name," she continued.