Francis Lee Bailey Jr, a prominent and controversial former attorney in the US, was born in the city of Waltham in Massachusetts on June 10, 1933. He died at the age of 87 on Thursday, according to US media reports.

Bailey was a student at the renowned Harvard University but left after two years to fulfill other passions.

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Bailey joined the US Marines as a fighter pilot after serving in the Navy. He later moved on to study law at Boston University, which would act as his launchpad into a rocky-road career in the legal profession.

The 87-year-old's most famous courtroom battles include winning a case for O.J Simpson in 1995, which was later dubbed as "the trial of the century".

Moreover, Bailey also helped acquit a prominent figure in the Vietnam war's My Lai massacre and giving legal aid to Sam Sheppard, a doctor who was convicted for murdering his wife.

The attorney came to be known as one of the offbeat and unconventional professionals in his field due to which he was constantly in the crosshairs of fellow lawyers.

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During his peak, he said in a statement to New York Times, "I can't say no to a case if it has one of three qualities - professional challenge, notoriety or a big fee", reported Reuters.

However, his trajectory saw a significant downfall in the later years as he was disbarred and restricted from practicing law in the country. In 2013, he started living in Maine, where he appealed to the state's Supreme Court for a permit to resume his practice. The request was rejected by the authorities.