KBC Offline Quiz (August 26, 2021): Who won the Lady Chef of the year award at the 16th Annual Chef Awards organised by the Culinary Forum?

The options are:

1- Chef Ranojit Kundu

2- Chef Rekha Sharma

3- Chef Ashi Nibekar

4- Chef Pooja Dhingra

Answer: Chef Rekha Sharma.

Chef Rekha Sharma, who has been in the food and culinary industry for over 18 years, has shared a passion for cooking since her childhood. In one of her interviews, Chef Sharma said that when the time came to decide what she wanted to be in life, she decided to transform her passion into a profession.

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Chef Sharma was conferred with the Lady Chef of the year at the 16th Annual Chef Awards organised by the Culinary Forum in 2019. 

Sharma is especially interested in baking and designing food. She has almost 8 years of experience in hotel kitchen operations and 11 years in academics and specializes in Chinese cuisine. She is also a published author. Her research was published on a paper on Skill Development through training and has co-authored a research paper on culinary skills as well.

Chef Rekha Sharma has worked with some of India's most prestigious hotels including Hyatt Regency, ITC Marriot Welcome, Holiday Inn, Jaypee Palace, SRM University, IILM Gurgaon and UEI Global. I currently am an Assistant Professor at Vedatya Institute.

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