Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer has found himself right in the middle of a controversy. This comes after a video of him, which shows him getting close with other women, started doing rounds on the internet. He can be seen getting a lap dance from a woman in a bar in Ohio in the video. 

While an official statement has not yet been released by Meyer, social media users have been observing his wife Shelley Meyer’s twitter activity.  Shelley has been making hints on Twitter about her disappointment as she continues to like tweets that say Urban Meyer doesn’t deserve her. 

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She also tweeted about a corn from Ohio with some really sarcastic hashtags. 

Urban Meyer, who is in his first year as Jaguars coach, has yet to mark his first win in the NFL

The 57-year-old led Ohio State to several titles. However, despite being seen as a saviour of the Jaguars, in no time he managed to land in a controversy. 

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College football analyst Tim Tebow shared his opinion of him on First Take and said, “The one thing that I’d remind you of is when you say, ‘He might not last. He might not be around for a while.’ The other quality that he has is a crazy determination. He has a crazy determination. So while it might be hard, I think he’s going to be really determined. I think he expected to win all of those games. I think he expected to be 3-1 or 4-0.”

“He is taking that hard. But I also think that this dude is super resolute and super determined. I think he’ll continue to tweak and mold and change and get new guys in there and adapt and do whatever it takes because he’s so determined. I don’t think he’d quit without finding a way to turn the tide a little bit,” he added.