Gaurav Gupta, co-founder of homegrown food-delivery platform Zomato, on Tuesday announced to quit the company. He sent an email to employees at Zomato and stated that he will be starting a new chapter in his life.

Gupta joined Zomato in 2015 as head of supply and in 2019, he was elevated to the role of co-founder.

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He wrote that he was taking a new turn in his life and he will be starting a new chapter. He said last six year at Zomato defined a chapter of my life. "We have a great team now to take Zomato forward and it’s time for me to take an alternate path in my journey. I am very emotional as I write this and don’t think any words can do justice to how I am feeling right now," Gupta said in an internal mail to his colleagues.

Zomato is the first of a generation of Indian internet unicorns to tap India's capital markets in July this year. Gupta, who also was the head of the operations team, was the face of the company during the much-anticipated initial public offering (IPO) of the food-tech company.

Gupta wrote, “I am in love with Zomato and will always be. Came in 6 years back not knowing what this would turn out to be. And what a mind blowing and amazing journey this has been. Feel proud of where we are today, what we have overcome to get here and feel even more proud of what we will achieve in the future".

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato founder and CEO, wished him all the best. He tweeted, “I wish you all the best for your future, and look forward to continuing being the friends that we are for the rest of our lives. I am pumped and excited to see what you will cook up next. Make @zomato proud."