Serum Institute of India (SII) chief Adar Poonawalla on Monday admitted that the first six months of 2021 will see a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines globally. However, the 39-year-old predicted that by August next year, the pressure will ease off.

Poonawalla's SII has been the biggest global manufacturer vaccines by volume. Earlier this week he had also mentioned that along with the various collaborations the Serum Institute has for the COVID-19 vaccines including with the Oxford University-AstraZeneca, they are also researching on two vaccinations.

While talking about the distribution, as per ANI Poonawalla said, "The first six months of 2021 will see a shortage globally. Nobody can help that. But we will see easing off by August-September 2021 as other vaccine manufactures also being able to supply."

He also mentioned SII's dedication towards the country and COVAX- a global initiative that brings together governments and manufacturers.

"India is a part of 'COVAX. We will keep giving 50% of everything we make to India & to COVAX at the same time."

"India has such a large population that we will probably end up giving the majority of those 50 million doses to India first," Adar Poonawalla said according to ANI.