The reboot version of the game Saint Row was revealed by the developer Deep Silver Volition on Wednesday at Gamescom, the video game trade show in Germany.

The game set to release on 25th Feb 2022, will feature a new criminal crew in a new city. It will cause the video game series to return its roots, giving players an expansive new playground to be the boss of their own gang.

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"This is the biggest, richest and most ambitious Saints Row game we've ever created here at Volition”, Deep Silver Volition's chief creative officer Jim Boone mentioned at a preview event in early August.

The new Saints Row is set in Santo Ileso, a violent and crime-ridden city in the Southwest. Players will assume the position of Boss of the Saints, accompanied by a crew of companions, including Neenah, the getaway driver, Kevin, the crazy person, and Eli, the brain.

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The game will let players customize their own Boss, giving them a distinctive appearance and one of eight possible voices. Customization of weapons and vehicles will also be available. One of the Bosses of the Saints will be entrusted with assisting in the takeover of the city one crime at a time.

Missions will include methods to generate money as well as taking over other gangs' territory. Insurance Fraud will return as a side objective, requiring players to fling themselves at approaching automobiles.

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“Saints Row” will be cross-generational, which means it will be available on both the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It also allows for cooperative play, and the makers claim that the full tale may be completed with friends.