Amanda Knox on Friday lashed out at the makers of the movie 'Stillwater' for using her story 'without her consent'. Knox claims that her story has been used without her consent, and this was being done at the expense of her reputation.

The movie 'Stillwater', which released earlier this month, stars Matt Damon and Abigail Breslin. It a story of a father (Matt Damon) who flies down to France to get his estranged daughter (Abigail Breslin) out of a fix. In the movie, the daughter, named Allison, is convicted of murdering her girlfriend. The murder, which takes place in marseille, generated a lot of attention from the media. On screen, the movie never mentions Knox's name, but the filmmakers have said in several interviews that her case, which made lurid headlines, was the inspiration behind the story.

In tweets and an essay on the site Medium, Knox called out various publications and director Tom McCarthy for using her name to promote the movie. She wrote that his “fictionalized version of me is just the tabloid conspiracy guiltier version of me.”

"Does my name belong to me? Does my face? What about my life? My story? Why is my name used to refer to events I had no hand in? I return to these questions because others continue to profit off my name, face, and story without my consent," she wrote.

In 2007, Knox had made the headlines across the globe after the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy's Perugia. Initially, the authorities had convicted Knox and her then boyfriend for the murder of the British student. But after a media trial and a lot of drama, the conviction was overturned by Italy's highest court. Currently, a man who was unrelated to the case initially is now serving a 16-year-sentence for the murder.