Whoever thought parking a car was easy, watch this video. A clip that has gone viral, shows a woman struggling to parallel park her car on the side of the road between two other cars. Even after multiple attempts, she is unable to do so. Then there is a twist.

In the clip, one can see the woman trying to park the car. A passerby, who witnesses the failed attempts, finally picks up her pet and moves to a safe distance from the vehicle.

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The woman driver, at one point, even gets off from the car and measures the parking space and then then the length of her car. Later, a woman arrives and guides her until she finally parks the car, after which both of them hug. The video and its ending will leave you in splits.

Here's the viral video of the woman struggling to park her car:

In the end, the woman who guided her to park is shown driving off in the car right behind the parked car. One is left wondering why did the woman not move her car earlier?

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The video has been shared by twitter user @cheembeam and it has garnered more than 400,000 likes with millions of people who have watched the video. 

A lot of twitter users have reacted in the comments too:

Have you ever faced a similar 'parallel parking' problem?