COVID-19 has forced all of us to stay inside our homes and it is getting difficult day by day to stay active and workout, affecting health of people. 

Though gyms have been allowed to open, it is still not very safe to go there.

We all have become couch potatoes during this lockdown and let us agree even if we want to workout we do not have required equipment. These all are challenging our lifestyle physically and mentally.

What if we told you there are multiple alternatives to workout, which we usually do at gyms. That too without any of those bulky and expensive equipment.

So, all you fitness junkies and who so ever wants to be fit staying at home, here's list a few alternate exercises that can be done at home at any time of the day.

Make use of your stairs: Do you guys have any idea how useful those stairs can be for our health. We all have a tendency to use elevators or escalators in shopping centres or even in our homes. So, stop using elevators and escalators and start using stairs and make it a habit. Even if you are not going out at all, use the stairs at your homes. Trust me, this will be utterly beneficial for you.

Resistance Band or Skipping ropes: These two can be used for all basic exercises. Name it and here these two are for your rescue. Whether it is stretching, jumping, splitting, squats, biceps or any other exercise, a full body workout can be achieved through these two, staying at home.

Lazy bud, try yoga: To those of you who literally hate doing any workout but still want to be healthy, try yoga. They are easy and best for the beginners. Yes, the results will take time to show up, but it will definitely do. 

Keeping a check on food, water and sleep cycle: Remember any workout or yoga will only be beneficial if you have a healthier food habit, hydrated body and a regular sleep cycle.

This lockdown has forced us to eat a lot more than before, but try controlling that. Try eating in smaller plates, which will automatically decrease your food portion. Add salads to your meal and salads need not to be fancy. It can be any fruit or vegetable available in your kitchen. Tomatoes, Cucumber anything. Also try having meals on time.

Try keeping your body hydrated and do not compromise on your water consumption. Have minimum 3 litres of water daily and make a habit of drinking lukewarm water empty stomach every morning.

Lastly, your sleep cycle. Improve it if you haven't because this can affect your face, body and mind severely. Don't skip your night sleep, there is no alternative for that. Also try sleeping atleast 6-8 hours every night. Don't be awake after 11 and do not sleep till late.

Try to start following these and trust be your lifestyle during lockdown will not be much different from the lifestyle you had before this.