34-year-old man was charged for the murder of nine-year-old girl in the United
Kingdom. Olivia Pratt-Krobel, 9, was shot dead inside her home in Liverpool six
weeks ago. The accused has been identified as Thomas Cashman, a resident of
Grenadier Drive in West Derby. Cashman has also been charged with the attempted
murder of Olivia’s mother Cheryl Krobel, 46, who was injured in the incident.
Thomas Cashman faces two counts of possessing a firearm to endanger life in
addition to the other charges.

Russell, 40, a resident of Snowberry Road in West Derby, has been charged with
assisting an offender – Thomas Chapman. Both defendants will appear before the
Liverpool Magistrates’ Court on Monday, Chief Prosecutor Maria Corr said at a
press conference on Saturday.

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Mark Kameen,
Detective Chief Superintendent, said law enforcement has been focussed on
finding all those involved in the tragedy, including “the people who have tried
to shield and protect individuals.”

“Our work
continues in earnest. At the beginning of the investigation we were firm in our
commitment to finding all those involved in this case, which includes the
people who have tried to shield and protect individuals, and those who have
supplied the weapon or are hiding the weapons used in this incident,” Kameen said.

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He added
that police have received a great deal of support from the public in finding
the people responsible for the murder of Olivia Pratt-Krobel. He also expressed
his praise for Olivia’s family, who he says, have maintained “incredible
strength, courage and dignity.”

Police have
arrested 11 people in the Olivia Pratt-Krobel murder case so far. Nine men were
arrested initially, all of whom were later released on bail.

Olivia Krobel was murdered on August 22 as her mother attempted to stop a
gunman from entering their home in Liverpool. Cheryl Krobel, Olivia’s mother,
was shot in wrist as she struggled with the gunman who was attempting to force
open the door.