When Princess Diana married Prince Charles in July 1981, it
was a worldwide event. While their marriage eventually fell apart, the royal
wedding was widely discussed for years and remains an important memory in the
minds of many. Even those who arrived a generation later were captivated by the
young Diana, who had appeared like a vision on her wedding day.

Her legacy has been so strong that she is still spoken about
today, many years after her terrible death in a vehicle accident in Paris.

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While many editorial pieces have been written about her
wedding gown — an ivory taffeta gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel —
it has now been revealed that the shoe she wore on the day, some 40 years ago,
had a special hidden message, a sweet one, that was a testament to her love for
the Prince of Wales.

According to Town & Country magazine, the bride put
the unique note on the bottom of her white heels, which were concealed behind
the 25-foot train of her gown.

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According to the report, Princess Diana‘s wedding shoes were
painted with the initials “C heart> D” — the initials for
“Charles” and “Diana.” Her silk shoes were embroidered with
542 sequins and 132 pearls in an intricate design. The toes of the heels were also
embellished with a heart-shaped appliqué.

The public would never know since these private details were
kept concealed, even though the wedding was witnessed by millions.

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Clive Shilton, the shoemaker, was cited in the Daily Mail as
saying that Diana wanted her footwear to have a low heel and this unique
feature.  “[Diana] was a very shy, sweet,
smiley-eyed young girl. Her main concern was that she wouldn’t appear taller
than Prince Charles, and because she was very tall—5’10″—the shoes would have
to have a low heel. No one even saw the bottom of the shoes, but it was
important to us that they looked fantastic.”

According to the article, the first intention was to make
the shoes out of the same fabric as the bridal gown. However, it would not have
been a good decision because the material was too fine. Instead, they chose a
“heavier silk satin and fashioned the soles from a soft suede” to keep the
bride from slipping.

Shilton and his crew worked for six months to create these