Apart from bombarding Ukraine, Russian soldiers have been bombarding Ukrainian women with coquettish messages via dating apps, according to media reports.  

Several women from Kharkiv, a Ukrainian city that witnessed some of the first attacks by Russia, claim to have been inundated with Tinder messages from Russian soldiers.

According to The Sun, several Russian soldiers including an Alexander, Gregory, Michail, and Andrei revealed their profiles on dating apps to attract Ukrainian women. Some also mistakenly disclosed their strategic positions with pictures that they sent on dating apps.  

In conversation with The Sun, Dasha Synelnikova, a 33-year-old woman from Ukraine shared how she garnered massive attention on Tinder by members of the Russian troops after switching her location to Kharkiv.

“I actually live in Kyiv but changed my location settings to Kharkiv after a friend told me there were Russian troops all over Tinder. And I couldn’t believe my eyes when they popped up trying to look tough and cool.”

“One muscular guy posed up trying to look sexy in bed posing with his pistol. Another was in full Russian combat gear and others just showed off in tight stripy vests,” she said.  

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She added, “I didn’t find any of them attractive and would never consider sleeping with the enemy. I automatically swiped left to reject them, but there were so many I got curious and got into a message exchange.”

Dasha further revealed that she exchanged messages with a 31-year-old Russian named Andrei, who had a picture of himself posing with a Kalashnikov gun.

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After Andrei told her that he would love to visit Europe but found it challenging to get a visa, Dasha asked him if he was a Russian soldier. Andrei responded with an “oops” sign.

“These guys are just the same as anyone else on Tinder, they want love or companionship. So it’s kind of hard to imagine that they could be coming here to attack us. I hope it won’t happen,” Dasha had concluded.