Amazon founder Jeff Bezos engaged in a risque Twitter exchange, when a fan asked for an invite to his yacht, saying “Can you invite Billy and I onto your yacht with Lauren.. I’m trying to see that fine piece of ass in person”. 

Bezos replied, “Thank you. I’ve been working hard on my ass.”.

The 58-year-old got cheeky about his gym routine when asked for an invite on his yacht, with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, present. 

In recent times, Bezos has become more active on Twitter, following in the footsteps of SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. The former Amazon CEO was recently engaged in a debate with the Joe Biden government over the new corporate taxes, and even questioned Musk’s ties with China. 

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However, his bizarre tweeting began Wednesday afternoon, when the Dogecoin cryptocurrency creator noted Democrats and Republicans shouldn’t “act like an a–hole to moderates”. 

Bezos replied “Seen you refer to yourself as a sh*tposter but maybe you’re mostly just a wiseposter.” 

It has been reported that Amazon’s public relations team manages the billionaire’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, but it remains unclear whether the team made the post, since they haven’t spoken out about the issue. 

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Bezos has been known for his workout and physique since pictures of him surfaced back in 2017. In that time, he’s only grown more buff leading to several lighthearted comparisons between the entrepreneur and ‘Fast and Furious‘ star Vin Diesel

The Amazon founder has also shown glimpses of his sense of humour in previous instances, like the time he teased actor Leonardo DiCaprio when pictures emerged of Sanchez giving the ‘Titanic’ star an awestruck look at a gala. 

Bezos wrote “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…” with an image of himself leaning against a signpost warning “Danger! Steep cliff, fatal drop”.