Amazon Quiz (September 19, 2021): Complete the tagline for this beverage from 2000 – “Coca cola, __”.






Answer: Enjoy

The taglines used for Coca-Cola have always reflected the brand and the current times. Some of the taglines used for Coca-Cola focussed on the quality or the taste of the beverage.  

Before the tagline ‘Enjoy’ in 2000 the company had used ‘Always Coca Cola‘ in 1993. And in 2001, the company changed its tagline from ‘Enjoy’ to ‘Life Tastes Good’.

One of the recent taglines of Coke is ‘Taste the Feeling’ in the year 2016. With this new ad campaign and tagline, the company tried to win over the young consumers.  This slogan was used to advertise regular Coke and other products such as ‘Diet Coke’ and ‘Coke Zero’. This was the first time when one ad campaign was used to promote multiple products of Coke.

In 1886, Coca Cola came up with the tagline ‘Drink Coca Cola and enjoy it’. And later in 1939, the company changed its tagline to ‘Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, think of a good ice cold Coca Cola’.

Although both these slogans seem to be positive, at that time they were considered to have a negative undertone and felt forceful to the consumers. This had a direct impact on the Coca Cola brand.

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