Amazon Quiz: In which administrative region of Italy is this tower located?





Answer: Tuscany

Here are some interesting facts about the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

– In the Italian riverfront city of Pisa, working on a campanile, or bell tower, to go with the public cathedral began in August 1173. The building was tilting significantly to the north by the time workers reached the third story in 1178. The tower’s construction would soon be halted by military battles with other Italian states; work wouldn’t continue until 1272. This time, only 12 years had passed since the start of the building when another conflict once again put an end to it. Early in the 14th century, work resumed on a final wave of construction that was completed in 1372 with the erection of a bell chamber.

– The Leaning Tower of Pisa’s infamous tilt could have been averted with greater planning, yet some architectural blunders are the result of unforeseen instances of bad luck. Even in the initial stages of construction, the building was too unstable due to its shallow foundation and the soft earth of Pisa, which is made up of deposits from the Tuscan rivers Arno and Serchio as well as sand, clay, and other materials. Amazingly, the mistake was discovered by the construction crew early in the two-century project. After the tower’s second story was added, the ground started to give, causing that iconic slant.

– The extra improvements did not quite improve the tower’s position when work resumed in 1272. The centre of gravity of the building was jostled by the construction of more stories on top of the original three, which changed the tilt of the structure. The once-northward-leaning tower started to tilt further and more south as it added its fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh stories.

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