Amazon Quiz ( August 9, 2021) : Stefan Löfven, who has been in news recently, is the prime minister of which country?





Answer: Sweden 

Kjell Stefan
Löfven (born July 21, 1957) is a Swedish politician who has served as Prime
Minister of Sweden since 2014 and as the head of the Swedish Social Democratic
Party since 2012.

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Löfven was
trained in welding after leaving school and completing his mandatory military
duty in the Air Force. He then began a career as an active trade unionist. He
climbed through the ranks of the Swedish Metalworkers’ Union (SMU) to become an
ombudsman and, in January 2006, the first Chairman of IF Metall, a significant
new trade union created after a number of smaller unions.

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Löfven lost
a confidence vote in the Riksdag on June 21, 2021, when the Left Party withdrew
its support for the administration, resulting in the 2021 Swedish government
crisis.  On 5 July, Löfven stated that
discussions to create a new government had been successful, and the Riksdag
confirmed Löfven as Prime Minister once more on 7 July.

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 He has successfully remained a Prime Minister
at the helm of historically weak coalition governments in a tumultuous
political landscape since 2014. He has been dubbed a “political escape
artist” and the “Harry Houdini of European politics.”