Amazon Quiz (June 2, 2022): The Simorgh is a two-stage, liquid fueled space launch vehicle developed by which country?




Saudi Arabia

Answer: Iran

Unveiled by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in February 2010 to mark the occasion of the launch of Omid, Iran‘s first indigenously-launched satellite, Simorgh is a two-stage, liquid fueled, expendable space launch vehicle that had its first flight in 2016.

Since then, the Simorgh has been launched five more times, all of which have reportedly resulted in failure, and the space launch vehicle still remains in development as of today.

Measuring 26.5 metres long (87 feet), the Simorgh has launch mass of 87 tonnes (192,000 lb), and can deliver a payload of 250 kg into low Earth orbit (LEO). The rocket takes between 480 and 495 seconds to get to a 500-530 kilometre orbit, with the first stage accounting for 102 seconds.

Simorgh, also known as Safir-2, is a successor to Safir, Iran’s first space launch vehicle, which made history by carrying the Omid satellite into orbit in 2009. While smaller than Simorgh, Safir boasts a much greater success rate, and has four successful launches to its name.

‘Simorgh’ the rocket, however, isn’t the only piece of Iranian technology with the name: in 2021, Iran unveiled a supercomputer with the same name, developed by Tehran’s Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT). Named after a benevolent, mythical bird from Persian mythology, the supercomputer has a performance capacity of 0.56 petaflops.

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