Amazon Quiz: This river is formed by which river?


Colorado River

Fish River

Brahmaputra River

Narmada River

Answer- Fish River

The Fish River flows for 650 km, 150 km from the Naukluft Mountains to the Hardap Dam in the vicinity of Mariental. All additional downstream flow from streams that are downstream of the dam is completely halted from that point on. The river’s seasonal flow can totally stop during the winter. Despite this, the river is the location of the magnificent Fish River Canyon, a canyon that is 160 km long and up to 550 m deep in certain places.

The Fish River is Namibia’s longest interior river. It penetrates far into the plateau, which is now arid, stony, and sparsely covered with tough plants that can withstand drought.

One of the more well-known hiking routes in Southern Africa is the Fish River Canyon trek. Many tourists from all over the world have been attracted to the canyon to enjoy the hiking and trail running it has to offer because of its enormous size and rough terrain.

With the exception of a 2-kilometer drop west of Hobas and a few optional side trips, the trail mainly follows 88 kilometres of the Fish River all the way to Ai-Ais and takes 5 days to complete.

The trail lacks amenities, so hikers must carry everything they need with them. On the trail, open fires are not permitted.

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