Amazon Quiz: What animal lived at this location until their forceful removal, leading to protests and a movement for their protection?





Answer: Pigeons

United Kingdom‘s national gallery, located in the heart of London, was home to thousands of pigeons, that were later forcefully removed. This led to several protests across the country and movements that called for the protection of the animals.

The Columbidae species of birds consists of pigeons and doves.

The word ‘Pigeon’ is a French term derived from ‘pipio’, a Latin term for a “peeping” chick.

Pigeons have short necks and bills, and mostly feed on fruits, plants and seeds. The pigeon family consists of 344 species, 13 of which are extinct. 

In England, the smaller pigeons are known as doves. The birds often use sticks and debris to build nests, and lay white eggs in them. Their offsprings leave the nest in about 25 to 32 days.

The baby doves and pigeons, known as squabs, can gain the ability to fly at the age of five weeks. They have shrill voices, and often squeak or wean. Both the genders of doves and pigeons produce crop milk to feed their offspring.

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