Amazon Quiz: Which of the following cultures are these mythical animals associated with?

1) Chinese

2) Australian

3) Indian

4) Middle Eastern

Answer: Chinese

A Chinese dragon, which is traditionally known as Loong, has been a long-standing part of the culture and mythology. Chinese dragons are generally depicted as long snake-like creatures with four limbs, however, some times are also represented as turtles and fish. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. 

Historically, the Chinese dragon was associated with the Emperor of China and used as a symbol to represent imperial power. The founder of the Han dynasty Liu Bang claimed that he was conceived after his mother dreamt of a dragon.

The dragon was the symbol of the Chinese emperor for many dynasties. During the Qing dynasty, the Azure Dragon was featured on the first Chinese national flag. It was featured again on the Twelve Symbols national emblem, which was used during the Republic of China, from 1913 to 1928.  

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