Amid the ongoing protests in France against a new security law, French police arrested 95 people across the nation while 67 officers were injured during the demonstrations on Sunday. 

The worst violent protests were witnessed in the capital city of Paris, where 48 police officers or gendarmes were injured in street clashes on Saturday, Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said. 

This was the second weekend of protests and violence, in which vehicles were put on fire and shop windows smashed. Paris police held 25 people, including two minors, said the prosecutors’ office on Sunday.

Protesters are demonstrating against a new security bill, currently in the French parliament, which will make it illegal to film police officials. Protesters have said the law would make it harder to prosecute cases of abuse.

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The protests intensified after the beating of a black music producer in the country by French police.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron’s party lawmakers have pledged a “complete rewrite” of part of the draft law after the incident took place.

The interior ministry said that the numbers of protesters were low this Saturday, with the nationwide figure at 52,350 against 133,000 a week earlier. 

Around 5,000 people demonstrated in Paris against 46,000 last week, it added.

A police source on Saturday blamed the violence on 400 to 500 radical elements.

There were also clashes in the eastern city of Nantes, where four officers and a gendarme were injured, one of them by a Molotov cocktail, said local officials.

There was violence, too, in the eastern city of Lyon.