Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went live on Instagram and took the Hot Chip Challenge on Saturday, giving her followers something to laugh at late on Christmas night. The New York lawmaker had to go offline about one minute after eating the chip due to the “extreme” heat, a warning she gave earlier.

AOC, while unpacking the single-chip challenge, took suggestions from her social media followers and kept oat milk and water with her to cool down the heat. 

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The single black-coloured chip comes in a coffin-shaped box along with a green colour powder, which is supposed to be used as a coating to boost the heat. This coating is made of Carolina Reaper, the hottest known pepper in the world, with 15,69,300 Scoville Heat Units, according to media reports.

However, AOC tried the 2021 edition of the chip, which contains Carolina Reaper Peppers and Scorpion peppers, giving an additional 1.5 million Scoville Heat Units. 

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The New York Representative, a member of the Democratic party, said while reading the pamphlet in the box, “Made with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper, this straight from hell chip was created for the sheer pleasure of intense heat and pain.”

Caitlin Moralic, the brand manager of the One Chip Challenge product, told Newswire in a statement, “I can officially stand by the saying ‘less is more.’ While this year’s challenge has the least number of peppers yet, fans should be warned not to underestimate the Scorpion’s instant sting and the Reaper’s gradual, spicy misfortune.”

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Multiple celebrities and social media personalities have also tried the One Chip Challenge in the past, including The Crude Brothers David Parody. Actor Kristen Bell also challenged Michael Pena while appearing on Ellen Degeneres’ show.