The US Senate on Monday, in a 51-45 vote, confirmed Beth Robinson to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals, making her the first out LGBTQ woman to serve on any federal circuit court. Robinson, 56, served as an associate justice on the Vermont State Supreme Court since 2011 and was nominated by President Joe Biden in August during his sixth round of recommendations.

Independent senator Bernie Sanders, said in a tweet, “I know you will make Vermont proud and will be an excellent addition to the federal bench.”

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Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine were the only Republicans to vote in favor of Robinson’s confirmation.

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“Judge Robinson’s extraordinary professional expertise makes her well qualified for this important position and her confirmation as the first openly lesbian judge to a federal appeals court seat is cause for celebration for our community,” Sharon McGowan, chief strategy officer for Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ legal advocacy group, said in a statement, as per CNN. 

“As an advocate, Beth Robinson has been rightfully hailed as a tireless champion for equal rights and equal justice. But more importantly, her record as a Vermont Supreme Court Justice clearly demonstrates her fairness, impartiality, and loyalty to rule of law, above all else,” Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy said in a tweet ahead of her confirmation.

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A graduate of University of Chicago Law School, Robinson served as counsel to Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin from 2010 to 2011. She was a civil litigator in private practice at Langrock Sperry & Wool where she focused on civil litigation including employment law, workers’ compensation, contract disputes, and family law. She also represented LGBTQ+ individuals in civil and civil rights cases, including leading the freedom to marry movement in Vermont, as per the White House.