McDonald on May 26 in the United States launched their most awaited collaboration with the famous global icon BTS, the South Korean musical boy band.

The BTS-themed fast-food packaging is in demand and people are reselling paper bags, boxes, and cups on eBay. The demand was so high that they were even being sold for double their actual price. BTS fans call themselves %u2018BTS ARMY%u2019.

The BTS-themed box which comes in purple packaging includes, 9-10 chicken nuggets, medium french fries, medium coke, and all-new sweet chili and cajun sauces. The cost of a BTS-themed box is $9.68, reported insider news.

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There are hundreds of listing on eBay, where people are reselling the BTS-Themed box. In one of the posts with no bids, the BTS meal bag was on sale with the pricing of $80, While another listing with no bids shows $200 for a bag and both sauces.

Earlier on April 19, BTS and McDonald announced that they are collaborating. The news broke when McDonald%u2019s USA took to Twitter and posted a photo of several french fries arranged in the shape of the BTS logo.

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