In Calgary on Monday morning, two persons were killed and another was sent to the hospital after a police chase. A security officer reportedly alerted police to three suspects who were impaired.

Police reportedly began receiving complaints of a five-ton cube van being driven recklessly and dangerously through northeast Calgary around 10:15 a.m., with worries the driver might not be stable. They managed to find the van as it was moving west on Memorial Drive.

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To stop the cube van from accessing the downtown area or other residential areas, several police cars were stationed at various intersections and bridges along Memorial Drive.

The traffic stop attempt by the officers failed. Even though it was moving slowly, the vehicle continued to weave between all lanes of traffic and would not stop.

Police stated that they made another attempt to halt the car and block it in. The van managed to get past the barrier, nevertheless, and kept moving in the direction of the officers.

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“Despite the vehicle driving at low speeds at that time, the driver continued to swerve across all lanes of traffic and refused to stop,” police said in a Monday news release.

“Attempts were made to contain the vehicle. The van was able to break containment and continued moving towards officers, and at approximately 11 a.m., due to the rapidly changing dynamics, one officer, a 13-year member of the CPS, discharged their service firearm.”   

One person was arrested, and two persons were declared dead. No officers or bystanders were hurt. The 0 to 100 block of Manning Close N.E. is where the event appears to have taken place.

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Shortly after 11 a.m., police shut down Memorial Drive in both directions between Edmonton Trail and St. George’s Drive N.E. for their investigation. As ASIRT gathers evidence from the scene, the route is anticipated to stay closed during afternoon rush hour, according to the report.