The Netflix series “Squid Game” has caught the attention from all around the world.

The fast-fashion costumes in the series have become the new wardrobe attire for this year’s Halloween Party.

According to data provided by Sole Supplier, it has led to a 7,800% increase in shoe sales.

Squid Game’s smash hit now inspires funny memes, merchandising, and other pop culture references. 

The show has been compared to Parasite, which became the first foreign language to win the best picture at the Oscars.

It is the most-watched Netflix series that is nominated for the International Emmy’s.

Squid Game is a psychological survival story where 456 people are in debt and desperate condition, putting them in a critical situation to win a cash prize of 45.6 billion.

“The red jumpsuit, green tracksuits, and white sneakers have driven up white slip-on Vans sales by 7,800%,” as per the sources cited by Variety.

The report also cites fashion technology firm Lyst, that search volume on white slip-on shoes had a 97% increase. 

UK Amazon store is already selling green tracksuits, and people are replicating new DIY ideas.

Fans are opting for a red suit and fencing mask to transform into a mysterious masked guard. Searches for red overalls have increased 62% in recent weeks.

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