Former US Vice President Mike Pence spoke out in support of Roe v Wade’s possible dismissal by the Supreme Court. Breaking his silence on the matter, the Republican said that it will be useful for some midterm candidates who are pro-life.

Mike Pence has often passed on hints about his own presidential campaign in the United States and is expected to launch his bid for the 2024 polls. Former President Trump has also hinted at a similar move.

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“I hope and pray that the Supreme Court draft opinion will hold and become part of the law of the land,” the former Vice President said in a statement, according to reports from Associated Press.

“I also have no doubt that the women and men who are standing for public office at every level who have taken a strong stand for the unborn and the sanctity of life will be favorably impacted by this decision, particularly at the state level”, the GOP politician added.

Pence was addressing a small crowd at a benefit for Carolina Pregnancy Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Spartanburg, part of South Carolina’s conservative Upstate.

Pro-life vs pro-choice debate has been at the center of Pence’s political run in the United States run so far, both as a Senator and Vice President.

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Democrats have also opted for a similar strategy. Multiple Democrats, including Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, have said people are going to opt for a new Congress that supports abortion rights in the United States.

The Roe v Wade, an abortion rights ruling, is expected to be reversed by the US Supreme Court later this year after a leaked draft opinion suggested that conservatives had a majority vote.