What’s a good show without a good
host? Clearly not good. The Golden Globes have seen an array of hosts in its 79
year long history, from Amy Poehler to Andy Samberg. Here are some of the top Golden
Globe hosts that have ever been on stage-

1. Ricky Gervais

the award show five times, Ricky tops the list as an anchor who keeps everyone on
the edge of their seats. While some of his jokes are often too dark or off-putting
to handle, Ricky just knows how to keep all eyes on him. From politically
incorrect puns to harsh jokes, Ricky has managed to reign over the Golden
as a host.

2. Seth Meyers

the award show in the year 2018, Meyers kept it sincere and didn’t go
overboard. From handling the issue of the MeToo movement gracefully, to cracking
self-deprecating jokes, Meyers was a fresh breath of air for those who wanted a
break from Ricky Gervais’ occasionally distasteful jokes.

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3. Jimmy Fallon

the Golden Globes in 2017, the night show anchor made a spectacular entry with
a scene inspired from the 2016 film, ‘La La Land’. Fallon, who is known for his
quick wit, instantly took matters into his own hands after the teleprompter
broke down during his monologue.

4. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh

the 2019 Golden Globes, this Brooklyn Nine-Nine duo entertained audiences with energy,
chemistry, and comedy. From laughing at their own jokes to keeping humour light
and positive, this duo instantly became the hosts we never knew we needed.

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5. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

together for years on the desks of Saturday Night Live, this duo’s friendship radiated
brightly on the four Golden Globes they’ve hosted. Light and positive humour being their forte, the duo proved their hosting prowess yet again.