At least 22 countries will be part of the 2022 World Ocean Assessment (WOA), which is being hosted in Bangka Belitung Islands, a province of Indonesia.

The event is scheduled to take place starting December 12 and ending on December 15, 2022, according to Belitung District Deputy Head Isyak Meirobie.

“Some 22 countries and a total of 100 delegates will participate in the 2022 WOA in Belitung,” Meirobie stated Saturday.

Apart from Indonesia as the host, other countries that confirmed their attendance include Australia, Bangladesh, China, East Timor, Egypt, Fiji, India, Iran, Japan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Korea, SriLanka, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates.

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“Those countries already have their registration confirmed, yet we are still waiting for confirmations from other countries and delegates,” he noted.

Most of the delegates of the event are researchers and oceanographers, who would assess the maritime troubles in Indonesia.

“As the 2022 WOA venue, Belitung must be ready to exhibit hospitality, cleanliness, beauty, and natural wonders, which we had exhibited at the past G20 Development Ministerial Meeting,” Meirobie stated, according to local media.

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Those attending the 2022 WOA will be participating in activities such as coral planting and hatching release, island hopping, banquets. They will also visit the Belitung Maritime Museum to observe the maritime artifacts exhibition, the official noted.

“We would introduce Belitung on its specific side — the sea — because Belitung sea is still protected from mining activities or other forms of pollution. Hence, delegates could see that Indonesia still has a pristine sea, for which development could be combined with tourism,” Meirobie remarked.