The United Kingdom and continental Europe are experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

The rest of the world has seized the chance to poke lighthearted fun at Europeans by flooding Twitter with memes as they struggle to adjust to the temperature increase. 

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One user mocked the long history of British colonialism, saying,“British people struggling in this heat wave…Stay strong… your ancestors colonised entire countries in this heat.”

Another person stated that Britain’s “heat wave is daily weather in Arizona”

A European even posted a hilarious image to show how they are dealing with the heat. He stated in the caption- “I think I may have been out in the Sun a touch too long.”

Funny videos on the heatwave have also been surfacing in the micro- blogging site.

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Take a look-

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The heatwave is causing concern in the United Kingdom, with temperatures expected to reach 42 degrees Celsius. The scorching heat damaged a section of the runway at London’s Luton Airport, causing it to be closed for several hours.

The European heatwave has resulted in more than 30 forest fires covering 54,300 acres of land in Spain. France is also dealing with severe forest fires, with this year’s wildfire destroying 42,000 acres of French land.

Climate experts warn that global warming has risen the weather patterns, with studies showing that the likelihood of temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the UK is now ten times greater than in the pre-industrial era.