Joe Manchin has become the latest punching bag for both Democrats and Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. The United States Senator, a member of the Democratic party, has been pulled up by both parties for a cause that suits them.

Joe Manchin, a legislator from West Virginia, has often been considered the most powerful man in Washington DC. He has frequently had the deciding vote to make or break legislations that are backed by the White House.

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The moderate democrat, however, has now become the benchmark used to compare their candidates and rivals. The strategy has been used multiple times by both parties as they prepare to clash in the upcoming midterm elections.

Henry Cuellar, a Democratic lawmaker in the House of Representatives, “could become the Joe Manchin of the House”, according to his electoral opponent Jessica Cisneros. The two will contest a Texas runoff primary election on May 24.

“We do not want Henry Cuellar to be the deciding vote on the future of our fundamental freedoms and rights in this country. We can not risk that”, Cisneros said in a statement while discussing the codification of Roe v. Wade, according to reports from NBC.

Kurt Schrader, a Representative from the state of Oregon, has also faced similar comments. “He is like the Joe Manchin of the House”, his Democratic opponent McLeod-Skinner said in an interview.

“Just like Joe Manchin right now is blocking our country moving forward on some really important recovery legislation and agenda, Kurt has blocked and stripped things out and watered things down in the House”, Skinner said.

Republicans have also taken a similar approach of comparing their candidates to Joe Manchin, however, not in the way Democrats are doing it.

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John Barrasso, one of the top Republicans in the US Senate, said that more lawmakers — from both parties — should be like Manchin. “I work closely with him on the Energy Committee, and I think he is focused on the right issues”, he said.

“And the Democrats — as well as the president, the other Joe — is refusing to face the reality that the American people are facing”, Senator Barrasso added, according to reports from NBC.